Headquartered in Dubai, RSA Global is a multi-award winning logistics provider with a core purpose of solving challenges for a better tomorrow. We repositioned the brand to create an overarching identity with a wordmark that was inclusive enough to encompass RSA’s various sub-brands while staying unique for each entity. Our comprehensive solution included brand architecture and an easily-adaptable tailored visual language for all branding and marketing collaterals.


We developed a monolithic brand hierarchy, alongside RSA, that can be scaled as the business grows. Incorporating all of their brands under one roof was key to showcasing consistency at every touch-point.

A full set of guidelines were prepared to illustrate each touch-point that developed in to a brand narrative that can be seen throughout the company.

The brand narrative used elements from the different parts of the company. The frosty symbol related to their cold storage while the waves represented the sea. After all, RSA does stand for Road, Sea and Air.