We were commissioned by the Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce And Tourism to revive Kenya’s reputation in the tourism industry and grow inward investment after it suffered a decline. Our priority was to build a unified nation brand supporting the aim of the 47 counties reaching out to the world in one confident voice. We developed a complete 360° integrated international nation brand that positioned Kenya as the land of unlimited possibilities across international and local markets.


Creating a striking brand for this market was a challenge. However with the right storytelling, we were able to create a powerful identity that was steeped in the local culture and tradition but with a modern outlook. Additionally, we also set up unique photographic libraries and partnered with Herd Tracker to livestream the wildebeest migration, one of nature’s most fantastic journeys, on Periscope for the first time ever. You can see it here.

The brand was formed from insights that we developed by engaging with the local people rich in local knowledge and from all levels of government. The outcome was an identity that continues to speaks to its people. Each part of the identity represents different aspects of Kenya – be it the culture, the counties or the envisioned future of everyday life.

Additionally, we also designed, wrote and producing all the marketing collaterals as well as 57 different types of giveaways during the campaign. Make it Kenya was launched in October 2015 by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. C.S. Phyllis Kandie during Kenya Week at Expo Milano 2015.