Cimolai is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of steel, whereas Rimond is one of the technical computer engineers of the future. When these two giants in steel and skill came together in the UAE, we were involved throughout the design process of the new joint venture. From the initial strategy to brand creation and rollout, we produced the collateral and promotional touch-points for all their joint projects.

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It was important to show the association between the two companies in the identity. The ‘link’ graphic was created to reflect the relationship, and was used as a pattern on marketing literature.

Each company is a homegrown family-run business with its own style, personality and experience. Therefore, creating a link between the two companies was key. This timeline, fusing the two entities together, set up the future collaboration between them.

The company brochure was printed in A3 to reflect the large-scale projects that both companies have been instrumental in building. These include stadiums, bridges and exhibition spaces.