Capital Health is a private integrated healthcare group headquartered in Abu Dhabi that operates two healthcare facilities in the UAE. We were commissioned to create a buzz around their launch on different social media platforms. We developed bright, vibrant and engaging static and animated posts and videos that generated awareness about the various services offered by the new medical facility.

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Clean and sophisticated yet refreshingly simple and colourful, these posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were further supported by additional videos on Youtube. Post launch, we continued to manage their social media handles.

Social media is only as good as the content. We developed a strategy with the client to showcase Dr Mishal Al Kasimi in a Medical MythBusters series.

Illustrating every post in the Capital Health style has enabled us to create a library of assets that can be reused on collateral throughout the Group. Additionally, we also created characters for each of the doctors at the health facilities.